Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Realization

Went out to dinner with hubby last night to one of our favorite places in town. I ordered some chips and salsa and he ordered onion rings. I also ordered chicken fingers for dinner.

There we were, munching on our chips and salsa/onion rings when my dinner shows up. There were six LARGE chicken fingers, broccoli and fries on my plate. I got three meals out of all that food. Before being banded I would have eaten all of my chips and salsa, all of my dinner and half of hubby's onion rings. And still eaten later that night.

Holy crap, no wonder I just kept gaining weight. I had given up and I knew it. I've started to notice what people around me are eating as well. For instance, someone at work today was eating a sleeve of ritz crackers and easy cheese for lunch. What the hell? Is that even real food?

I've also recently discoverd matching bra and panty sets. I was never able to wear them before.
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