Monday, May 31, 2010

Budding Artists? I Think Not....

Mmmmmmmmmmmkaaaaaaayyyyyy........So, hubby and I went away for the weekend and went to my mom and dad's house for a little Memorial Day fun, and of course there was a race involved. 

After three days of getting my house kinda in order so it won't be a mess when I have surgery next month I needed some time to decompress.  Well, before we left the garbage disposal quit working.  Had to call my landlord and he told us how to fix it so that's no big deal.  Got that taken care of today. 

However, when we got home, this is what we found on our garage.

Isn't that great?!  That's what we get for going away for a long weekend.  Needless to say I've been in touch with the police and my landlord.  I called the cops about an incident report and they said they were coming out to take a look at it.  Who knows when that will be.  And left my landlord a messge as to what was going on.  Hubby went over and talked to them and I guess he was calm cool and collected.  I'll tell you right now he's a bigger man than me.  I would have went the hell off! 

My landlord is super cool about stuff and he knows we're buying the place, so I'm going to ask him if he would provide us the materials to put up a fence or if we bought them if he'd take them off the rent.  I'll keep you all posted on that.

I hate these neighbors!  I'm so pissed off that I'm shaking.  Stupid heathon kids and parents that don't give two shits about what they do!  GGGGRRRR!!!!

Well, I suppose that's all for now.  Getting caught up on everyone's blogs.  Happy posting everyone.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


1. If you had 3 wishes what would they be and why? (you can't wish for more wishes or money!)(Thanks Steph)

No wishing for more wishes?!  What kind of a racket is this!?  :)
1.  That me or my folks could win the lottery so they could retire and never want for anything again.  Then daddy and I would rent/buy a motor coach and go to every race on the NASCAR circuit for a year.  I would also buy my mom tickets to go see my brothers kids anytime she wanted them since I would be able to afford to send her.

2. If you had all the money in the world and perfect circumstances - how many children would you have and what sex?

Absolutely no eartly clue.

3. Have you ever faked it? (Because I need to laugh...feel free to skip this one if it's too personal.)

Haven't we all?

4. What movie character do you think you look like?

When my hair was red and I fixed it rather big I was told looked like Reba.  Unfortunately when I cut my hair in the style it is now I get Kate Gosslin a lot.  :(

5. Repeat question. Which blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you this week and why?

Been terribly busy this week with doctors appointments and getting ready for the Relay for Life (a local cancer walk for those not familiar) that today is my catch up day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Need Some Support

Hay ladies.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm actually posting right now to let you all know that hubby and I need some support.  Every year at this time we walk in our local area Relay for Life.  For those of you not familiar, this is an all night walk that helps raise funds for cancer research and also helping to fund finding a cure. 

Not many people can say they've never been touched by cancer.  Almost everyone has had a friend or relative that has fought a battle with cancer.  For those of you that have not, thank your lucky stars.  For those of you that have, you have my sympathies. 

Hubby and I have both lost people we love to cancer.  My husband has lost his Aunt; I've lost a grandpa.  We do the Relay for them. 

His aunt was our team captain for many years.  Hubby and I have been together for almost seven years and we've participated in five (as of this year) Relay's together.  Below is a letter that my husband has written in order to help get the word out about our team for the Relay.

On Sunday March 29th, 2009 at around 3:00PM I received a call from my dad telling me that my Aunt Felice was on her way to the emergency room.

On that day I lost my first family member to cancer. But on that day I also made a promise to myself to help fight against it. Just like she did.

My aunt Felice was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer 5 years earlier. She made the decision to attack it head on. She had a double mastectomy performed. After that it was chemotherapy treatments and visits to the hospital for her checkups. It would become a routine that she turned into her own crusade. She was a woman short of stature but a giant in heart and willpower.

That first year she asked her brother, my dad, to join her in The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. He was in and ready to go until he had to have a minor surgery and needed someone to fill in for him. That’s when I took his place. When I got there I wasn’t sure what to expect. A lot of white t-shirts with purple writing on them for the event and there were purple shirts worn by some but not as many. That’s when I turned and saw my aunt in a purple shirt. They were the survivors. Those that were fighting cancer or those that were lucky enough to have beaten it into remission or became cancer free. In that group of people were moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, and children. They have what’s called a Survivors Lap they do around the track. In the front of that group was a toddler.

That was when I signed up for the following year. And the year after that….

Roughly 2 ½ months after that day in March of 2009 we were at the Relay for Life without my aunt Felice. There were memories, pictures, and friends. But no Felice.

But we were there for her. During the Luminaria Ceremony her name was read in her memory. Her name was placed between 2 aptly named luminaria, Cure and Hope. That was the picture I took. It was the one that summed her up. Cure and Hope. At that relay I was able to sign up for a 20 year study to help in the research for a cure for cancer.

What I ask from all my Facebook friends is to go to the link on the left of my profile and donate to the Relay for Life. The link takes you directly to the American Cancer Society’s site for the Relay. You can make the donation in memory of someone you may have lost or someone you have fighting cancer right now. And if you want to reach out to others they can also go to my profile to donate.

If all of us can give $10 to this cause we will be helping in a small way to try to help end the sadness and pain cancer can leave.

On June 11th, 2010 I will be at the Relay for Life. And once again I will be cheering and clapping for those people in the purple shirts. And then I will be standing silently as the names are read for those the luminarias are lit in memory of. Remembering them and their fight.

Remembering my aunt Felice.

I'm coming to you guys because you're one of the best support communities that I've had the pleasure being a part of.  Our team needs your help.  On my facebook page I have a badge that you can click and it will help you donate money to the American Cancer Society.  Just click on "Support Me".

When you click on it to make a donation the link takes you directly to the website for the ACS.  Just letting you all know that this isn't going to me and hubby, it's acutally going straight to the ACS. 

If you're not one of my facebook friends, just do a search for "dirttrackdiva", I'm the only one.  After that, friend me and make sure you also send me a private message about why you're friending me so I know who you are. 

You can then, should you so choose, send a donation to the ACS in my name; which my real name is Erika Garcia.  :)  Don't know if you all knew that or not, but I guess it would be kinda confusing to send a donation in the name of dirttrackdiva.  No one would know who it was for.  Also, if you know someone that would like to donate and they have facebook, then can friend me as well, along with a private message on why they're friending me and they can also donate if they would like.  If you don't have facebook and would still like to help somehow, let me know and I'm sure we would be able to work something out.  You can send me a private email at:

You are in no way required or obligated to make a donation, so please don't think I'm saying you have to.  I just know that so many people are touched by cancer and there is so little we can do about when it happens or how it affects our lives while we're dealing with this terrible disease.  This is a way we can help. 

Happy posting everyone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BYOC and a Life Update

1. If you could be a cartoon character – who would you be and why?

Cheetara from the Thundercats.  Because she's a badass.  'Nuff said.  :)
As a side note, after I hit goal I'm going to get a phoenix tattoo of her on my hip.  *sorry mom*  To symbolize rising from the ashes of my old life.  I'm big on metaphoric/memorial tattoos.  I have two already.  One on each foot.  For my grandpas.  However, that's a blog for another day.  Below is the pic of what I want.  Only in the center it will be Cheetara.

2. Who was your teenage heart throb? (Thanks Fiona for this one)
Joey Lawrence.  My heavens he was hot.  Mullet and all.  lol

3. Do you believe being overweight is about a mental obstacle or do you believe it’s simply about overeating/food?
I think it's both.  I've posted before that I firmly believe that food is an addiction.  And of course we all know that if you eat more calories than you're losing you're going to gain weight and vice versa.  But, mental is just as much a part of the game as food, maybe more.  Weight loss, as well as anything else in life, you have to want it.  Your heart has to be there.  And if it's not, it doesn't matter what you try, how many diets you go on, blah, blah, blah, etc.  If you don't want it bad enough it isn't going to happen.  A classic case of garbage in, garbage out.  If you've tried everything under the sun to lose weight and it doesn't work for you, eventually you will go into every other diet knowing you're just going to gain the weight back.  So why bother.  Two things my mom has always told me, "can't never could do anything" and "a failure is only someone who fails to try".  *also eventually going to be inked around my ankle* 

4. What’s your all-time favorite song?
If Everyone Cared, by Nickelback.  It just makes sense.  Check it out if you've never heard it.  I also really like Single Ladies, by Beyonce. 

5. Whose blog or comment spoke to you/stuck with you this week and why? This is our “you get to be famous for a moment” without having to follow all the rules of an official blog award question.
Mary's.  About everyone asking her why she doesn't have kids/telling her that she should have kids/everyone wants her to have kids/apologizing that she doesn't have kids.  You get the idea.  Good for you for knowing what you want right now and keeping a level head about it.  Usually when someone asks me that I just tell them when I'm damn good and ready and let them know that they'll be notified when/if the event happens.  Then I tell them that I'm getting in plenty of practice.  Because as well know, practice makes perfect.  ;)  That usually shuts them up in a hurry.  lol

Getting on to the life update.......I went to the doctor yesterday and I have decided to go forward with the back surgery.  There were a couple of other options that I could do, but I've done them already and the doc said they were just a means to an end.  Meaning I would end up on surgery eventually anyway. 

This is like yo yo dieting to me.  Why keep doing something that you know isn't working and you're going to end up right where you started or worse off than you are now.  I wanted a permanent fix. 

I actually saw the doc twice yesterday.  I had left his office the first time deciding to try physical therapy again.  Then mom and I went to lunch and I told her that it just didn't feel right because I know it wasn't going to work.  I literally felt like I had been given a 2 ton trunk to lug around till I decided I was fed up being in pain.  She told me to go back and tell the doc that I didn't want that.  So I did. 

After lunch I went and told him that when I walked out of there I knew I was making the wrong choice.  I wanted the surgery.  I want it over and done with.  So I'm having the surgery sometime in July.  Right now that's all I know.  When I get a date I'll be sure to let you all know.

Happy posting my friends.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not the Fat Girl...

Beware, deep post ahead.  Don't worry though, I'll post some funny stuff at the end.  OK, so I think I had a moment yesterday.  Maybe it's all the great pain medication cuz of my back.  Wheeeee!!!!!!  ;}  Anyway, in all seriousness I really think I had a moment; a couple of them actually.

One is I got busted in an "I want a baby" moment yesterday.  My nephew (The Joe) is just a little guy, just a little over a year old.  I was sitting on the couch by the window and he wanted to look out the window.  So there we were, The Joe standing on my lap looking out the window and leaned his head on my shoulder, so I leaned into him a little and he sighed.  Wow, melted my heart I tell you what.  Well, hubby caught me.  When The Joe wanted down I put down and he waddled away all the while, I'm grinning like an idiot.  Then hubby said, "You're busted, see you want one."  So yeah, I think I want a baby.  *pause to give my mom a minute to stop screaming/crying with joy.  ok mom, are ya done.  :D*  Course right now there are a lot of things standing in my way.  I have to wait till December at least (my bariatric surgeon says 18 months), and I'm pretty sure I'm staring down a double barreled assault rifle of back surgery. 

Hubby and I were talking about the baby situation when we got home yesterday afternoon and I told him one of the reasons I wasn't sure was because I'm afraid of gaining weight back.  Which is vain and totally unlike me.  But I'm finally not the fat girl anymore.  Over the years I got used to being the fattest person in the room.  Not happy, but accustomed to it.  Before being banded I had given up.  I had resigned to the fact that I was destined to be fat.  Even after several doctors told me that I was too heavy to carry out a safe pregnancy.  Which at that time came as a shock cuz right then all I wanted was a baby.  I was devastated.  Then I committed to lose weight (pre band) so I could have a baby.  It didn't work.  On a strict diet I lost a few pounds in a few months, it didn't come off fast enough, so I gave up.

Then my back got screwed up and the doc said he would have to fix it before I had a baby or he was going to put me on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy.  Well, shit.  Now what?

Fast forward 3 years.  I'm also staring down the double barreled assault rifle of the big 3-0.  I know why it's said the first 7 years of marriage are the hardest.  In the just under 4 years hubby and I have been married we've went through hell and back.  We were married in July of 2006, in November of 2006 is when I started having issues with my back.  Bring on the doctors (first, second and third opinion), bring on the mri's, bring on the pain medications just so I can sleep through the night, bring on the medical bills that are forcing us into bankruptcy. 

In the last three years I've had two surgeries in order to keep from having back surgery.  First in September of 2007 I had a breast reduction.  My back is actually screwed up so bad because I had such large breasts.  The doctor took 7 POUNDS off each side.  And I'm still in a C, that's how much I had.  I had to have all of my bras made from the time I was about 14.  I actually have a reall small ribcage, which makes my band size about a 32.  Ever try to find a 32T off the rack?  Let me tell you ladies, it's not there. 

Then I got banded in June of last year.  I'm 50 pounds down and I thought I was out of the woods, thought I was going to make it.  I was wrong.  Holy shit was I ever wrong.  Why do the good things always come with bad things following right behind it?  Yay, finally decided that I might want to have a baby.  BAM fell down and might have to have back surgery.  It's like eating something great that cost a buttload of money and getting stuck on the first bite and having to throw the rest of your meal away.  What the hell!

It's really weird to look around and see that you're not the fat girl anymore.  You're not the biggest one in the group/room/whatever.  Insert appropriate situation here.  Being fat is such a stigma.  Like Kelly Osbourne (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER by the way) said, she was ridiculed more for being fat than she was as a drug addict.  This doesn't make sense, but I believe her.  There are so many terrible things associated with being fat.  Health risks not withstanding.  Great image for a little girl don't you think, you can be a drug addict, but oh no, don't get fat what a bunch of crap.  Again, what the hell!

As fat people we have to have special clothes, special shoes, special chairs, special treatment on airplanes.....blah, blah, blah, etc.  For a lot of us (WLS surgery patients) just being able to buy regular clothes is huge.  HUGE!  To go somewhere and buy a regular pair of jeans that doesn't have a W after the size gives us a high that almost rivals the high we get from food.  There are few things better than that. 

While I was at the birthday party yesterday it was amazing to look around and see that I was no longer the fattest, most unhealthy person there.  I'm not saying this to be mean to the other people in my family.  I actually have a pretty great relationship with most of the people on hubby's side of the family.  I don't remember who it was, but someone earlier this week posted about walking into a meeting and being really surprised that she wasn't the fattest one there anymore. 

This is a big thing.  When you finally realize that you're getting healthy, putting yourself on your to do list.  Deep stuff. 

Do I still remain fixed on the number on the scale?  Yeah, I'm still a daily weigher.  I know that right now it's going to stay steady or heaven forbid go up.  With this new thing with my back I can't exercise at all.  Let me just say now, I'm prepared for this and owning my choices.  Owning it is a big part of this process, however, that's a blog for another day.  So I know this is going to put a damper on things for a while. 

But, the point of my post.  It's really weird to realize that I'm not the fat girl.  I still have a lot of weight to lose, about 70 pounds.  But for some reason I get off on the thought that I'm no longer the fat girl.  I'm not the awkward fat girl with the short hair sitting in the corner.  For years I've felt like Carrie (from Steven King's novel).  Really I have.  It's really a great thing that I didn't notice this when I was heavier, I would have been even more depressed than I was.  Good gawd. 

Well, I guess that's about enough of that.  Is it odd to move yourself to tears when you realize something?  Whew, anyway.  On to the funny stuff.  Here are some pics from the pirate party yesterday.

He's been looking for an excuse to wear this stupid hat since he bought it.  lol

What's a pirate without a decent hat?

This is my best pirate wench impression.  And yes, the telescope up the eye with the patch is intentional.  YAR MATEY!

Surrender the Booty.  :D

This is Logan with one of his presents.  The bag weighed a ton, as if you couldn't tell.

The Joe.

Hubby playing with the beagle.  The laptop is mine, and I'm catching up on blogs.  :)

Proof that my dog thinks she's a person.  Isn't she cute?

Well, that's all for now.  Happy posting everyone.

Added a couple of hours later........the following pictures are why I married my hubby.  THE MAN CAN COOK!  he wanted me to take a pic of the meat close up in order to show the pink smoke ring.  He's very proud.

GOOD GAWD I LOVE THIS MAN!!  Not exactly bandster friendly, but sooooo gooood.  At least I'm not thinking about my back.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Well, I'm coming clean.  Most of you know that I got the band so I could lose weight (just like the rest of us).  My other issue is that I can't really exercise because i have a really bad back.  Three herniated disks and a cist in my neck. 

Some of you already knew this because I've commened about it on some of your blogs.  A couple of weeks ago when I was dog sitting for a friend of mine I slipped and fell.  Since then I've been experiencing pain that wasn't normal.  It didn't feel like what I had experienced the last few years.  So I called my doc to let him know that I fell down and he ordered an MRI.

Below are a couple of pictures of what the disk looked like before I fell.

Since a remarkable amount of us are in the medical industry (I think that's kinda odd by the way, but that's another post for another day) you know that the disks with the white fluid in them are normal; the one without the fluid, that is bulging, is not normal.

(Breaks into a verse of "Which of These Things is Not Like the Other") sorry about that.  Moving on.  :)

The picture below is what the disk looks like now, two weeks after I fell.  This is from the MRI I had yesterday.

This is bad.  And it hurts a lot.  I go back to the doc next Friday.  He only practices where I live every other Friday so I have to wait till then to see him or I have to drive about an hour and a half to get to his office.  I'm TERRIFIED he's going to operate this time.  I've pretty much  exhausted all of my options at this point. 

I've done steriod shots (did that for six months, they didn't work, and they sucked, so I won't be doing that again), I've done physical therapy (this actually helped, but insurance stopped paying after six months, don't know why, maybe I should show them my scans), and I've been taking various pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sleep aids for about 4 years now.  I change up my meds a lot due to the high risk of addiction associated with them. 

I.  am.  completely.  freaking.  the.  hell.  out!!  I knew it was eventually going to come to this, but at the same time it's not making it any easier to deal with.  Like when you're expecting ripping off the band-aid to hurt like hell, yet still it does.  Don't get it. 

While I have a very high tolerance to pain, due to the fact that I've had to deal with this for so many years, this is killing me.  I'm miserable.  I can't sleep, can hardly walk and don't really want to do anything.  As a result, I've gained a pound since Sunday when I weighed in for the Swimsuit Challenge.  So let's just rub salt in the wound right? 

In other, happier news, today is my nephews birthday party.  He's going to be 4 and is having a pirate themed birthday party.  This should be fun for the little boys and the big boys alike.  I plan to take many pictures. 

Well, that's all for now everybody.  Happy posting.

Friday, May 07, 2010


1. Do you have any nicknames? (Thanks for this question Joey)

I have a few.  My daddy (and only my daddy) calls me Beba.  I guess he started it before I was born.  I asked him how he came up with it and he said he didn't know.  He was rubbing my mom's belly while she was pregnant with me and called me his little Beba and it stuck.  To my dismay he doesn't do as much as he used to now that I've gotten older. 
My hubby's family calls me dirttrackdiva.  We all know why.

2. What was your “last straw”? The incident/situation that made you decide to get a lap band or commit to losing weight via any plan this time?

(This is for anyone on a weight loss journey and is from Heather who will recently be lap-banded.)

My last straw was when I was told I was too fat to get pregnant and safely carry a baby to term.  I had totally given up and I knew it.  So, I got banded hoping that I would lose the weight to be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

3. What’s your favorite joke or funny story? (This is from Sandy – she needs some laughter to start the weekend and requested this one.)

I really don't have a favorite joke.  My favorite funny stories are anything that involves my family having fun with eachother.  I come from a super tight family.  So, any story that involves all of us together and having fun.

4. If you could be a TV dinner – what flavor would you be?

Hungry Man Beer Battered Chicken with Cheese Fries.  Hands down.  One of my faves before banding.

5. The question we do every week so everyone can be a little famous without having to do an official blog award….what blog or comment stuck with you or spoke to you the most this week and why?

Every now and Jenn posted a blog about an article she read that skinniness doesn't equal happiness.  Very informative and moving.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Welcome to My Playground

Here's where I spent my weekend.  Kansas Speedway.  My dad and I have season tickets there and we go to all the races every year.  There are four of them.  Two in late April or early May and another two in late September or early October.  Hopefully we're getting another race, but that's still just a rumor.  But, anyway, enough about that.  Here are some pics from my weekend.

Like father, like daughter, right?  :)  At every race for the last four or five years we've taken the self portrait.  lol  It started as a joke.  l let someone use my camera while I was in the restroom and we ended up with a pic of him like this.  It kinda stuck.  Here are a few more of them, just cuz they're fun.

The headsets are so we can listen to the pit crews and the drivers.  They're pretty cool.  When someone wrecks you get to hear what's really going on inside the car.  I also thought this picture would be cool to take cuz of the pic of my "daughter" a few posts ago (see "Do You Ever What Your Kids Will Look Like") she was wearing headphones.  So we thought we'd see how much she really looks like me.  :)

This is what the stands look like from the infield.  This year season ticket holders got a track pass with our tickets that allowed us to go down and see the driver introductions and see the cars (trucks in this weekends case) lined up on the track.  It was pretty cool.  One of my better memories from the races.

Another really cool thing we got to do was sign the start/finish line.  So this my name and daddy's name on the start/finish line of Kansas Speedway.
This is what whe call "kissin the bricks".  The Brickyard 400 is in Indianapolis every year and it's called such because the whole track used to be made of bricks.  Now the only bricks left are on the start/finish line.  The winner and his crew always get to kiss the bricks.  So dad and I thought it would be cool to "kiss the bricks".  This is the same spot where we signed our names too.
This is a shot of me laying down on the front stretch at the track.  We had some down time so I thought I'd take advantage of it and chill out.  My brothers old roommate from college (also like a brother to me) snapped this picture cuz he thought I was asleep.  I actually thought this was a super cool pic of me.  I just like the way it turned out.
This is actually on the start/finish line.  This shot was planned.  I thought the other one was so cool I wanted this one.
This is daddy leaning against the wall on the front stretch of the track.  This is his "thumbs up dude" pic.  LOL  Isn't he cute?!
The flagstand.  Where I roost whilst you all take your trips around the 11CC circuit.  Keeping all my loyal subjects oops, readers in line.
We had a little bit of a weather "situation" as you can see from the pics below.  There was rain and hail and there is also a picture of what the water looked like running out from the stands we were sheltered under while the storm went through.  However, we dried out, the track dried out and we all were able to finish the race.  Here's what the weather looked like rolling in.  These are the kind of storms that when they come around separate the men from the boys.  We stayed.  :D
This is a close up shot of the hail that fell.  It actually took longer to dry the track then the storm lasted.  It rained and hailed for about 15 minutes, if that long, then it was over and we were racing again.  After the hour and a half it took to dry the track off.

Well that's a look at my weekend, hope you guys enjoyed the pics.  Sorry if there were too many.  That isn't even half of the pics I took.  Got a lot of really fun, really good pics this year.  So, now you all have seen what I consider an amazing time.

In band related news.  I did good this weekend.  There really isn't a lot of band friendly stuff around the tailgate fare.  Even though it's SO GOOD.  I actually got out of the weekend only gaining 2 pounds.  I'll take that.  Didn't have any issues with stuff getting stuck or tightness issues.  Thank goodness because as the day goes on the port a potties get worse.  Don't think I would want to pb, or try to get something unstuck in one of those. 

We had a newby with us this year that had never been to a race before.  In our group you always get initiated into our little "racetrack family" on your first race.  It's all in good fun.  The best one is rocking the port a potty that you're in.  Our rookie went to the use the bathroom and my dad and I watched the one he went to so when he was in there we went and banged on the door really loud.  This one was anchored down well enough it didn't rock.  Sometimes they rock though.  LOL  It was awesome.  Then after the rain we told him that it was the rookies job to dry of the seat so he needed to sit down and start scooting.  He had gotten wise to us by this point though and opted out of the seat drying gig.  lol  Like I said, all in good fun.

We had a lot of fun, got a little sun, a little wet from the rain, but it was a great time as always.  Well, like I said, that's my playground everybody.  Welcome.  Enjoy and happy posting my friends.

Monday, May 03, 2010


1. What’s your favorite smell?

Depends on the mood I'm in actually.  I have a lot of favorite smells.  To name a hubby, Daddy, my Pa Jim when he was alive.  And in honor of this past race weekend......Engine fuel and burnt rubber baby!

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why?
The Godfather.  When I got married my dad gave me away to the theme from the movie.  I didn't want the standard "Here Comes the Bride."  Not to mention the movie was just great!  The second and third ones, 'eh, could give or take them honestly.  The first one though was a total classic.

3. What’s your trigger food?
Chinese, Mexican or anything mom makes that is one of my favorite things from childhood.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two?
Mostly I just listen.  When I do say something it's just to let them know I'm here for them if they need anything.

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week?
I AM SO BAD!!!  This is about the third week in row I haven't had a blog that inspired me.  I was out of town for part of this week.  Went to see my mom of an early Mothers Day and the races with Daddy.  That's what I'm doing today....catching up on blogs.

Race weekend post is coming y'all.  I promise.  Going to put it up and post it either today or tomorrow.  Still working on fixing the pictures.  Happy posting.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just a Little Update

Just a heads up to let you all know that I didn't forget about you.  Spent my weekend at the races.  WOO HOO!  Just wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget about you, or BYOC. 

Tonight I'm very tired and quite sunburned.  Gonna go to bed and tomorrow do all my catching up with you all from the weekend, do my BYOC, then post about my weekend.  Complete with pics. 

G'nite y'all.  Smooches.  Happy posting everyone.
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