Saturday, May 15, 2010

BYOC and a Life Update

1. If you could be a cartoon character – who would you be and why?

Cheetara from the Thundercats.  Because she's a badass.  'Nuff said.  :)
As a side note, after I hit goal I'm going to get a phoenix tattoo of her on my hip.  *sorry mom*  To symbolize rising from the ashes of my old life.  I'm big on metaphoric/memorial tattoos.  I have two already.  One on each foot.  For my grandpas.  However, that's a blog for another day.  Below is the pic of what I want.  Only in the center it will be Cheetara.

2. Who was your teenage heart throb? (Thanks Fiona for this one)
Joey Lawrence.  My heavens he was hot.  Mullet and all.  lol

3. Do you believe being overweight is about a mental obstacle or do you believe it’s simply about overeating/food?
I think it's both.  I've posted before that I firmly believe that food is an addiction.  And of course we all know that if you eat more calories than you're losing you're going to gain weight and vice versa.  But, mental is just as much a part of the game as food, maybe more.  Weight loss, as well as anything else in life, you have to want it.  Your heart has to be there.  And if it's not, it doesn't matter what you try, how many diets you go on, blah, blah, blah, etc.  If you don't want it bad enough it isn't going to happen.  A classic case of garbage in, garbage out.  If you've tried everything under the sun to lose weight and it doesn't work for you, eventually you will go into every other diet knowing you're just going to gain the weight back.  So why bother.  Two things my mom has always told me, "can't never could do anything" and "a failure is only someone who fails to try".  *also eventually going to be inked around my ankle* 

4. What’s your all-time favorite song?
If Everyone Cared, by Nickelback.  It just makes sense.  Check it out if you've never heard it.  I also really like Single Ladies, by Beyonce. 

5. Whose blog or comment spoke to you/stuck with you this week and why? This is our “you get to be famous for a moment” without having to follow all the rules of an official blog award question.
Mary's.  About everyone asking her why she doesn't have kids/telling her that she should have kids/everyone wants her to have kids/apologizing that she doesn't have kids.  You get the idea.  Good for you for knowing what you want right now and keeping a level head about it.  Usually when someone asks me that I just tell them when I'm damn good and ready and let them know that they'll be notified when/if the event happens.  Then I tell them that I'm getting in plenty of practice.  Because as well know, practice makes perfect.  ;)  That usually shuts them up in a hurry.  lol

Getting on to the life update.......I went to the doctor yesterday and I have decided to go forward with the back surgery.  There were a couple of other options that I could do, but I've done them already and the doc said they were just a means to an end.  Meaning I would end up on surgery eventually anyway. 

This is like yo yo dieting to me.  Why keep doing something that you know isn't working and you're going to end up right where you started or worse off than you are now.  I wanted a permanent fix. 

I actually saw the doc twice yesterday.  I had left his office the first time deciding to try physical therapy again.  Then mom and I went to lunch and I told her that it just didn't feel right because I know it wasn't going to work.  I literally felt like I had been given a 2 ton trunk to lug around till I decided I was fed up being in pain.  She told me to go back and tell the doc that I didn't want that.  So I did. 

After lunch I went and told him that when I walked out of there I knew I was making the wrong choice.  I wanted the surgery.  I want it over and done with.  So I'm having the surgery sometime in July.  Right now that's all I know.  When I get a date I'll be sure to let you all know.

Happy posting my friends.


-Grace- said...

I'm glad you came to a decision on what route to take. I really hope this works for you to alleviate your pain! Chronic pain is just miserable to deal with.

Keep us posted, Erika! In the meantime, I hope you find some relief.

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