Friday, May 07, 2010


1. Do you have any nicknames? (Thanks for this question Joey)

I have a few.  My daddy (and only my daddy) calls me Beba.  I guess he started it before I was born.  I asked him how he came up with it and he said he didn't know.  He was rubbing my mom's belly while she was pregnant with me and called me his little Beba and it stuck.  To my dismay he doesn't do as much as he used to now that I've gotten older. 
My hubby's family calls me dirttrackdiva.  We all know why.

2. What was your “last straw”? The incident/situation that made you decide to get a lap band or commit to losing weight via any plan this time?

(This is for anyone on a weight loss journey and is from Heather who will recently be lap-banded.)

My last straw was when I was told I was too fat to get pregnant and safely carry a baby to term.  I had totally given up and I knew it.  So, I got banded hoping that I would lose the weight to be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

3. What’s your favorite joke or funny story? (This is from Sandy – she needs some laughter to start the weekend and requested this one.)

I really don't have a favorite joke.  My favorite funny stories are anything that involves my family having fun with eachother.  I come from a super tight family.  So, any story that involves all of us together and having fun.

4. If you could be a TV dinner – what flavor would you be?

Hungry Man Beer Battered Chicken with Cheese Fries.  Hands down.  One of my faves before banding.

5. The question we do every week so everyone can be a little famous without having to do an official blog award….what blog or comment stuck with you or spoke to you the most this week and why?

Every now and Jenn posted a blog about an article she read that skinniness doesn't equal happiness.  Very informative and moving.


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Great answers!

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