Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday.....

Hay everyone, just checking in with you to let you know that I'm still alive.  My eyes are still kinda messed up.  Right now I have to have them both dialated.  Which makes for a very entertaining day, that's for sure.  lol  The dialation has actually gone down enough that I can sort of see to type. 

The main reason I'm making this post is because, it's official...................I'M A PROUD RESIDENT OF ONEDERLAND!!!  Weighed in at 197 for three days in a row now.  Usually I wait till five to make it official, but I know that TOM's on his way into town so I thought I'd "take the money and run" so to speak. 

I've been doing something totally out of character for me.  I've been tracking my food.  Don't give me too much credit, I have an app on my phone that I can plug it all in, so it's very easy.  I can even scan barcodes on stuff I buy at the store and put them in that way, so it's a piece of cake.  That's the main reason I never did it.  Too damn much work and I don't have the patience to do it.  lol  I know this.  I figured since I was weighing everday, also record that on my phone now too (there's an app for that?  lol) 

Here's what's really out of character.  I went all BG and made a spreadsheet about it.  lol  This is for eleven days and from now on I'll be doing it every 14 days.  I'll probably post it on here too, that way I have a back up incase I lose my phone.  lol

Date           Calories    Protein    Carbs      Fat        Exercise       Reason 
04/13/10    878.00       19.29        128.53    30.11
04/14/10   194.00          6.00         28.00       8.00      Two mile walk, burned 632 calories
04/15/10   1256.00       8.39       216.67     42.66                          Carbs high due to dessert
04/16/10    927.00      48.11         55.49     60.24
04/17/10    unable to eat/drink due to tightness issues
04/18/10   1549.00     52.41      121.82      95.12                         Fats high due to cheesy brats
04/19/10   1384.00    19.34       217.01      53.29                        Carbs high due to dessert
04/20/10   1249.00    27.68      147.06       66.22
04/21/10   155.00        1.71        27.97          4.45                          Not feeling well, slept a lot
04/22/10   570.00     24.00        69.00        23.00
04/23/10   936.00     25.38      113.39       41.86
04/24/10   828.00    25.37      164.12          9.84
Average   902.36   23.76      117.18        39.52

I've also been consistenly losing during the swimsuit challenge and made another list about that.  BG would be so proud of me.  lol

Week 1~03/28~202
Week 2~04/04~201
Week 3~04/11~200
Week 4~04/18~200
Week 5~04/25~197

With exception of one week I've lost each week.  The week I didn't lose I maintained.  Not a bad thing.  So, I guess it seems like tracking your food as well as your weight will help you.  This is the first time I've done that, ever.  I try to stay between 900-1300 calories per day.  In the last 11 days I only went over that twice.  Both of those I had dessert.  It happens.  I'm not going to deprive myself dessert because I don't have it very often.  Obviously, when I do the scale suffers the consequences.  Oh well.  All part of owning my choices.

It helps to record food.  Who knew?  ;P  Happy posting my friends.


Dirttrackdiva said...

sorry about the chart everyone. for some reason it loaded funny. if you all know how to get that so it won't. let me know.

Marie said...

Thanks for posting your calorie intake. I think it does help to track calories as they do add up. It's also interesting to see how how many calories different people need in order to lose. I can't wait to get a fill so I can keep my in the 900 range because I know that is where I need to be in order to lose.

Leslie said...

That is so awesome that you are tracking your calories and whatnot. I really need to start getting back into that habit. Maybe I'll start today. See, you are being a good influence on me. Hehehe.

Sandy said...

So happy for you being in Onederland for good!

Does this mean if we make some awesome spreadsheets you will guarantee we lose weight! I'll never be a BG or you. I have started so many tracking thingy's and they all get lost. But I'm not losing any weight so need to smarten up and see what I'm actually putting in my mouth. You got me thinking.

Dirttrackdiva said...

sandy~me, organized? pfft. you should see my house. lol or my car. lol like i said, the only reason i do it is cuz it's an app on my phone. it's very very easy to do. i can even look up restaurants and scan barcodes of stuff. all from my phone. trust me, if it wasn't that easy i wouldn't do it.
as far as my spreadsheet making skills. thanx for comparison to the goddess of spreadsheets (aka BG) but i'm no where near that good. lol

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