Friday, October 22, 2010

Does Size Matter?

Minds out of the gutter ladies.  Ahem.......Draz and Amy.  :D 

I saw a shirt at Target that I've wanted really bad for quite some time.  Well, when they first started carrying it, it was almost 35.00....would love to be able to spend 35.00 on a shirt right now, but that just isn't going to happen.  Well, for my birthday I got a 15.00 gift card from Target from my BIL, it's a sign.  :)  Well, I went and the shirt I've been drooling over for weeks was on clearance for 17.00.  You can bet your ass I bought it. 
Super cute right?  I thought so.  And, since I'm a tomboy to the bone I thought it was a nice mix of comfortable yet kinda girly to keep mom happy.  :D  If you notice the slight V neck as well as the ruffle like something or other on the front.  Well, that's not even the best part.  And the sleeves are reversable.  If you roll them up there's a different pattern on them.  This is what size the hanger said it was.

Notice the hanger says XXL.  Well, I don't try on clothes.  Even after losing weight, I still hate to try on clothes.  I'd rather get depressed at home if the clothes don't fit than in a dressing room, in public, with terrible lighting.  Maybe that's just me.  And in regular sizes I wear between an XXL and L actually, depending on brand of shirt and the cut.  No big deal to me.  I've noticed in this period of me losing weight that sometimes size really doesn't matter when it comes to clothes.  I just know that I don't have to shop at the fat girl store anymore.  Which is pretty damn cool.

This is what size the shirt actually is.

I have no earthly clue why this turned out so blurry, I took about six pictures and this was the best one, but the shirt is a size XL.  In a juniors!  Holy shitballs!  (Thanx Amy)  And it's a super girly cut, ruching, smaller at the waist.  The epitomy of girliness.  Or as girly as you can be with a flannel shirt.  lol  When I was putting the shirt on actually I thought "whew, good thing I got a XXL, this is a little tighter than I would like it to be."  Then I took it off and saw what size it really was.  I would have squealed with joy like a little school girl if hubby hadn't been sleeping on the couch. 

Here are a couple of shots of what the shirt looks like on me.

For some reason the first shot makes me look like I have GIANT hips, what the hell?  The second one turned out kinda yellowish for some reason I have no idea.  My mother I'm not, can't take a good picture to save my life today.  Oh well.  Note the gap between my arm and my waist in both pictures.  That's pretty neat!  Haven't seen that in a long time.  I think it's been about ten years to be exact. 

On the weight loss friend I'm pretty much stalled.  With hubby being hurt I'm eating really crappy and sleeping even worse, so that's just causing me to shovel in whatever I can when I can get it.  Making my life a breeding ground for bad habits and bad eating.  Not really eating too much.  I'm staying steady, but I'm getting pretty hungry betweeen meals and eating too big of portions.  I've actually been flip flopping with the same 5 pounds since July when I had to have my massive unfill due to surgery. 

I'm getting a fill next week though, so hopefully that will rocket me back on track.  That's what I'm hoping for. 

An update on the hubby:  he's still in some pain and can still only put very little weight on his leg.  The swelling and the bruising is starting to go down a little.  There is still one spot on the inside of his knee (which was the point of impact) that is still very swolen and hard.  He also has no feeling in that spot.  This is my biggest concern.  However, there's nothing we can do untill we get the results of the MRI next week.  We're pretty mcch at a stand still until then.  I'll keep you all posted though.

A quick thing that's totally off track and not related at all to weight loss.  To my friends reading this are gay or lesbian.  I would like you to know that I think the violence against teen gays causing all of these horrific suicides is awful.  I want you all to know that I'm wearing more purple than a pimp right now supporting this cause.  I think there is a special place in hell for people that bully anyone.  Especially those that can't help the reason they're being bullied for.  It's like bullying someone for being fat.  We can't help it.  Just as you can't help it if you're gay.  To my friends, I love you.  The fact that you're gay doesn't mean a hill fo beans to me.  You are who you are and I loved most of you Ioved before I even knew you were gay.  Please know that you have my unending and undieing support.  Keep fighting guys.  Hopefully we'll see an end to this terrible ignorance in our lifetimes.

That's about all I have for today.  Happy posting my friends.


Amanda Kiska said...

Cute shirt! I love the cut. It is very flattering on you. BTW there is no way you are an XXL. Stop buying clothes that size.

I saw your hubby's leg on FB (no there's something you don't say every day - lol). It is HORRIFIC!!! OMG! It looks so sore. I hope it doesn't feel as bad as it looks like it does.

As far as the eating goes, if you are holding steady, I think you're doing fine until the fill.

Read said...

I hope your husband's MRI turns out well!

Lap Band Groupie said...

Super cute! Hope the MRI is good!

Michelle said...

Cute shirt and I agree with amanda quit buying xxl clothes. LOL Hope the mri goes well..

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