Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MRI's, Fills, and Friends....Oh My

What's up y'all.  Just a quick post to let you guys know that we got hubby's MRI yesterday.  They gave us a disk of the shots they took, and I'm not a doctor, but I did see a couple things that kind of concerned me.  First of all there is A TON of swelling still.  Thankfully no internal bleeding though because all the fluid was white on the MRI shots, and I know that blood shows up black on x~ray's and MRI's.  Also, still no broken bones, by some miracle.  I guess his gallon of milk every couple of days habit, while albeit expensive, isn't such a bad deal after all.  If he comes out of this ok, I'll buy him all the milk he wants.  :)  So we're lucky there.  And there is one other shot of the back of his leg that it looks like the piece of cartilage that keeps his tibia and fibia from rubbing together is completely blown.  Like it's bone on bone.  And there is a tendon that is behind his leg, we're thinking these are the main issues we're going to be facing going into the doctors office on Friday.  I'm thinking worst case scenario right now, the doc will have to scope his knee and drain some of the fluid off.  Which is still a surgery and still scares me.

Like I said, we're not doctors.  But with the issues with my back and going to school for coding I've seen some x~ray and MRI shots.  Not enough to make me an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I kinda know what I'm looking at.  That's the only knowledge we have going into this.  I just know that with the tendon issue, it's only in one shot.  Which could mean a lot of things, good and bad.  It could just be something that's an anomoly to that shot, or it could really be something.  Pretty worried, but I know that there's nothing I/we can do about anything unill we see the doc on Friday.  Hubby has decided it would be best for him to take another week off.  Thank God he's got the time that he can use for it.  He has about 4 weeks of vacation/sick/personal time that he can use so we won't lose any pay.  Other than the bonus money we'd be getting from all the overtime he usually gets, as well as some other bonuses he gets for selling accessories and warranties on computers and stuff.  But, I'd rather be out the extra bucks to have him healthy. 

I'm getting a much needed fill tomorrow.  Wanna know how I know it's much needed?  I ate four pieces of pizza for dinner last night.  Let me put this into perspective for you


What the hell?!  Now, granted, I really haven't been the same since I had 2cc's taken out after my back surgery.  And my doctors office, after you're post op for over a year, they won't put more than 1cc in your band at a time.  Which, normally I would say that's a great policy, but they took 2cc's out, why not put 2cc's back in? 

Well, I had 1cc put back in in August, was supposed to have the other cc put back in last month, but around fill time I was having major tightness issues so I thought I'd wait.  Wise choice, but crappy choice at the same time.  So, I'm having the other cc put back in tomorrow and I can't wait. 

I also get to "meet" a great friend of mine that I've been talking to on Facebook about bariatrics for a long time.  She opted to go with gastric bypass instead of the lapband, but I just love, love, love her! 

I feel like we've known eachother all of our lives and we're certainly lifelong friends.  One of the greatest things about this community.  We're so tightknit that even without most of us meeting in person, we know eachother.  We know more about eachother than most people that have met us in person know. 


I wanna leave you with a dose of cuteness for the day.
Hubby and the beagle were taking a nap on the couch yesterday and I had to take this picture.  I don't get to take cuteness pictures of my hubby very often, cuz he's just not the cuteness type.  lol 

Well, that's all I have right now.  I'll keep you all posted on hubby's results from the doc as well as my fill.  Happy blogging my friends and have a great couple of days.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop on hubby. You are lucky that he has the time to take off of work. You need the money to pay for all that milk. :) It is so hard to describe to people who don't blog how close we all are to each other without ever having met. It's great you are going to have the opportunity to meet your facebook friend. Lastly, I have a very macho hubby too so I know what you mean about having to get the cute pics when you can. Real men wear pink.

nikki said...

Glad the report on hubby is looking up :) Keep us posted! And best of luck tomorrow and wishing for lovely restriction. P.S LOVE the pic!

Amanda Kiska said...

I can't believe with all that bruising there wasn't anything broken. What a blessing! Good luck with your fill!

Now you two need to stay HELATHY for awhile. Enough with the accidents and health problems! You need a good solid six months of good health! At least!

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