Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting Back to......Whatever I notice that I've been absent again.  Damn me and my busy life...or something like that.

Currently things are going ok-ish here.  Hubby's leg is getting a little better.  He went to his last doctor appointment a few weeks ago, and, I still think the doc is a whack job, but I have soooo much bigger fish to fry than a stupid doctor.  Hubby says it doesn't hurt, and I have to take him on his word for that.  Not that I think he would lie to me about being in pain, but anyway...just one of those things.

I thought I had strep throat a while back, so I went to the urgent care center here in town and they told me that it's not strep, but was some sort of viral bacterial throat infection.  No cure.  My tonsils swelled up so bad that the only thing I could eat was ice cream.  Which was bad for my band, but I didn't gain too much weight.  I am better now though, at least I think so...I was supposed to go to the doc again today for a follow up, but it was snowing and we're supposed to get about 10 inches of snow, so I stayed home.

That snow storm was totally nuts though!  Oh my gosh!  We got over a foot to snow, then it stopped for about a day, and three more inches of snow came down.  Which I know that most of you guys reading this got wolloped too.  I know that Amy had some awesome pics from her mom and dads boat in Florida in the snow.  Gorgeous pics if you're reading Amy!  Just gorgeous. 

And now I'm working on re-enrolling in school.  Again.  Working on getting my bachelors degree in health informatics.  Which is medical coding/billing; hospital management; or a ton of other things I can do with it.  I was doing distance learning from home, only to find out that the school I was going to lost their Missouri accreditation with AHIMA, so now I'm back to square one.  The oldest person in both of my current classes.  YEA ME!  Riiiight. 

However, my bestie explained it to me that I just need to keep plugging along, and that as long as I'm enjoying myself and getting good grades, I just as well rock it.  Good advice.  Love the bestie.  :) 

I guess that's all that's going on with me right now.  Just wanting to keep you all posted and let you know what was going on.  Hope you all had a good holiday season and are enjoying yourselves. 

Happy posting everyone.


Jen from Oregon said...

I was just wondering about you!

Bonnie said...

So glad to hear from you. That's great that you are going back to school. Aren't besties the greatest!

hangrt said...

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