Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up Two Pounds......

However, I do know why.  Due to the whole two more years of school debachle (sp) last night I decided I'd had it.

I was cleaning out and washing my car when I decided, dammit I want chinese food and ice cream. 

So, that's what I did.  Last night for dinner I had egg drop soup, twice cooked pork and cold stone chocolate cake batter ice cream for dessert.  *cone of shame*  Thus today I'm up two pounds.  I'm owning it though, even wrote it down on the mirror when I weighed this morning.  See........
Note the difference in the weight from yesterday and today.  As well as the note "chinese and ice cream" underneath.  Oh well, I'm owning it. 

The bottom has kinda fallen out of my life the last couple of days.  Remember the party I was planning for the hubby that I mentioned a few posts ago?  Well it's been totally redone, not because of me.

Here's the story........we have a couple of little ones (nephews) on that side, so I made sure to pick a place they would be able to eat and be entertained.  We were orignally going to have the party at IHOP, kids like pancakes and the place is all non smoking.  A big plus since none of us are smokers and my mom is SEVERELY allergic.  Everyone was called, plans all made, then BOOM, it all blew up in my face.

A cousin calls and asks if we could have it at his place so that way the kids have a place to run around and blow off steam.  No big deal, and actually better than IHOP, I let him know there was going to be about 12 of us if everyone invited could make it, he was cool with that, so change of venue, not a big deal.  I start making the calls to everyone and letting them know of the change in plans and what I want them to bring.  Unknown that the menu was changed and I wasn't notified.  The brother in law calls and says that he's not bringing what I asked him to, and that "this isn't Subway" (meaning we're not doing it my way) were his exact words.  He notified me that we were having hamburgers and hotdogs instead.  Neither of which are things that are my favorite. 

I lost it.

Threw the phone at hubby and went outside.  This was the same day I found out about the extra two years of school.  So the day was already shit to start with.....then this.  I was done dealing with it.  This is the second time in the almost 4 years hubby and I have been married that I've planned a big Birthday bash for him (the last time didn't go well either).  It will be the last.  If all they're going to do is pull the rug out from under me.  Forget it.  Obviously they don't like the way I plan parties so if they think they're so much better at it then me.  They can do it from now on.

At least the beagle understands......
She's giving me "hugs".  Isn't she cute?

A cool NSV for today........I'm wearing a bra with a B cup size!!!!!  This is huge news for me.  I had a breast reduction a couple of years ago and the doc took 7 pounds OFF EACH SIDE!!!  For a total of 14 pounds!!!  Seriously, I was HUGE and very uncomfortable.  So to be down to a B is way cool for me.  Comfortably in a B with no spillage!!!!!  Causing me to bust (pun intended) into the happy dance.  *doing the happy dance* 

So, at least I can end this crappy post on a happy note.  Hubby's party is tomorrow, I'll post after it to let you all know how it went.  I'm a little aprehensive about it.  At least I'll have my folks there to back me up should the shit hit the fan.  And if it does who better to back me up than mom and dad?  Trust me, I've made them angry before.  NOT PRETTY!!  :)  I'm not afraid of many things, but mom upset is one of them.  She'd kick my ass.  lol  Love you mom.  :) 

Happy posting y'all.  Sorry about the long post.


Alison said...

What a pain, i'd be really annoyed about the party. Hope that you manage to have a good time anyway xx

Jen said...

Why haven't I heard of coldstone creamery chocolate cake batter ice cream before????!!! Why????!!! I can think of nothing else now!

Jen said...

OK, I apologize. I have regained my composure. hahaha! Sorry about the interfering in-laws. That is SO rude. YOU were throwing the party, why do they feel the need to change everything around. I say next year, you throw the hubby a private party in a hot-tub hotel somewhere.
Yay for the B cups! I can empathize with how amazing that must feel. I have gigantic bazoombas myself. A "b" cup is perfect. Enjoy all those cute bras - you lucky girl!
I hope you have a nice time at the party and if they give you trouble, sic mom and dad on them. You've had a hard week, you don't need their crapola.

Dirttrackdiva said...

thanx. sorry you were caught unawares about the ice cream. lol my bad, i thought as former fatties were all supposed to know that. i'm guessing you didn't get the memo. lol bazoombas. lol nice.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetheart,
just let them try any shit and i will be on them like a MO. THUNDERSTORM. i haven't come unglued for a while i have some built up. ha
when it comes to your few pounds they will come off don't stress over it, we all have had fat days too, and we will have some more some day. ha we love you have a better day

Sandy said...

Is that really mom in the post above? I'd be the same. So let the Thunderstorms begin.

You should just take your own prepared food and tell them you didn't get the memo. LOL.

Dirttrackdiva said...

yes, that really is my mom. lol and we are bringing our own food. fish for the both of us. lets just see how they like that. lol

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Oh sweets - want me to bring Drazil over to kick their asses? Jenny can bring Chuck Norris Jr that she carries in her purse too. Those 2 lbs are nothing more than a good poo! Love you!

Jenny said...

Awe that sucks about the party, I hope it works out-I'm sure it will. Yeah for a B cup!!

LDswims said...

Yeah, throw a private full on bash for your husband next year and let the in-laws do their own thing. As for the two pounds - so glad to hear you are owning them - but do one better for this situation. Be proud of them. You made the choice knowing that the choice would do and you owned that. But a lot of people would be down about the day you had and would bury their feelings instead of giving themself the day to just be human. Your mom is right, those two pounds will disappear quickly and probably take a few others with them. :)

Dogs are perfect for days like that.

And congrats on the NSV.

-Grace- said...

First of all, chocolate cake batter? Surely you jest!
Secondly, that is major crap. I hate when people pull that---I hope it goes well tomorrow! Maybe bring the beagle for support? :) Dogs are the best at cheering their people up!

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