Friday, June 26, 2009

20 Pounds Down

Went to my two week check up yesterday and found out I've lost 20 pounds. Part of it was from the pre op diet, but 20 pounds is 20 pounds.

I was so excited. My mom has lost 16 pounds. So we're neck and neck, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone right?

Lots and lots of driving yesterday. The docs office is three hours away from my house, so I drove to Kansas City to pick up my mom, then drove to the doctors office. Then back to Kansas City to drop off my mom, then home.

While I was at the doctors office they checked my incisions, found my port. Asked the doctor where it was cuz I was curious. Then they set me up with next months fill appointment. Released me to go back to work and cleared me for exercise. Also got an excuse from the doc that says I can wear sweat pants to work. My saving grace. We're normally not allowed. The highlight though is that I'm down 20 pounds.

Had my first mushies last night. Pureed refried beans. And this morning is was grits for breakfast. Felt some restriction with the beans, but not a lot with the grits. Different consistencies and fiber contents make for different restriction.


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