Saturday, June 27, 2009

You can't hide when you're four wide!

Anyone who understands racing or has heard of/been to a World of Outlaws race knows what my subject means. For those of you who aren't race fans (which is OK, racing isn't everyones cup of tea). The World of Outlaws is a dirt track phenomenon. Here's how they work........take a car that has 800 horsepower, weighing 1300 pounds (with the driver in it and full of fuel), add a 1/2 to 1 mile dirt track and about 130 miles of speed and lots of left turns. Season to taste. ;)

So that's where I spent my evening last night. With two of my favorite gentlemen, my daddy and my brother. There was so much dirt flying that my skin felt gritty when the race was over. That's a good night at the races right there.

On the banding front, still holding steady at 20 pounds lost. Still on the mushies at this point. Feeling restriction with some things and not with others. I called the doctors office about it, thinking I wasn't eating the right things, and they said things that have more fiber in them is going to feel more striction. Seems to make sense to me.


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