Saturday, June 20, 2009

Discovering Food Websites

Today has been an interesting day. I'm four days post op and the gas pains have finally started to subside a little bit. Still hurts like the dickens to get the hiccups though.

On the upside.........wait for it..........FIREWORKS SEASON IS UPON US, THE STORES OPENED UP TODAY!!! The Fourth of July and Halloween are big events in my house.

My family reunion is next weekend (the 28th) and I can't wait to go there skinnier than I was last year. And next year I'll actually be able to swim.......maybe. Haven't been seen in a swimsuit since high school. You know, back before it looked like I was trying to shove ten pounds of crap in a three pound can. Gross, and embarrassing.

Most of my day has consisted of looking at foods I can't eat yet. I know, I know, DUH! However, what I'm going to do is make a book of all the recepies that I like and give them to my hubby to see if he'll make them for me. I might even try my hand at making a few of them myself. We'll see how that goes. I say that because I'm not a cook my any stretch of anyones imagination. I have literally burnt water before. And, when I do try to make something, my hubby looks at me like I'm going to run over a litter of puppies with a tank.

Hope this finds everyone well and enjoying bandster life.


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