Monday, June 15, 2009

Playing the "Weighting" Game

Sitting in the waiting room ready to go in for surgery. It's scheduled for 11:00. My mom goes in at 10:00.

On the drive up here it was POURING DOWN RAIN! Driving in the rain makes me really nervous. I've been a few wrecks involving really bad snow and rain. So it normally doesn't bode well for me to drive in it. I would have had the hubby drive, but he didn't know where we were going. Interesting morning already to say the least.

So we made it to the hospital in once piece, and now I'm waiting. They said to be here at 8:00 and it's almost 8:30 now. My only complaint right now is that I'm really thirsty.

The next time I talk to everyone I'll be a bandster! Thank you so much for all the support I've been given on this site over the last few weeks. You guys really are my bandster family.


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