Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Word of the Year.......Accountability

There are so many different ways we bandsters hold ourselves accountable for what we do/don't do. Everyone's way is different. It's actually quite interesting to find out what my fellow bandsters do to hold themselves accountable.

One thing I don't do is the food diary. I measure a lot of things with the food scale, (ie: fish, chicken, beef, etc to make sure I get the proper 3-4 oz size) but that's pretty much the extent of all that.

Here's my thing.......I'm a daily weigher. Hi, my name is Erika, and I'm a scale whore. I wish I wasn't, but I am. *is this a cone of shame moment? hehe* My SWA Membership plaque is hanging at eye level above the scale so I can look at it whilst I weigh. I keep a dry erase marker in my bathroom. I have a three part mirror over the sink and on the left hand side I write down what my weight is that day. I also put an asterisk by the days of my cycle so that way I know I'm going to be a little heavier on those days.

I do this for many reasons. One is that when I look at my face in the mirror everyday, my weight is staring back at me. I also record what my starting weight was (date of seminar, 247), what the official weight was at my last weigh in at the docs office (206 as of last fill; down to 202 now), as well as how many pounds I've lost (this also being the official number from the docs office; currently 41 pounds by official doc's scale).

This works for me. I guess somewhat better than the food diary. Because I know if there isn't an asterisk by my weight and it's a little higher than I would like, or the scale seems to keep going the wrong way (the numbers are rising instead of lowering, stupid scale) I reflect on what I ate the day before, or maybe the two days before.

Ultimately the only person we have to answer to is ourselves. I guess that's the main point of being accountable. This helps a lot. Blogging and knowing there are people in my life that are gonna bust my chops if I try to beat my band on certain days. Thanx everyone for all the support. It means more than you all will ever, ever know. I love you all, I really do.

Keep the blogs and support coming everyone. It's irreplaceable. Hopefully, making sure I'm accountable will not leave me on race weekend. The Daytona 500 is this weekend. On Sunday. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME!! :D

Be accountable. In whichever way works best for you.


Anonymous said...

Way to go my friend ;)

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