Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday........Game or Commercials

Well, here we are on Super Bowl Sunday........undecided if I'm going to watch for the game or the commercials. I'll have a good book handy just incase. However, props to the Saints for making it to their first Super Bowl in franchise history. I think after all their city has been through they deserve this.

On to the main question of the do I make good food choices today? Sometimes at events like this are rough. Kind of like tailgating at the races. On the up side, usually there is a pretty good fare of meat lined up. Helps me with the protein choice at least. Thankfully, I know most of the commercials won't be about food.

So, here I sit wondering what is going to go on with me today. Onederland is still an elusive 2 pounds away. Sneaky onederland. I've thought about going back to full liquids or doing a 5 day pouch test just to get these last two pounds off. However, today is not that day. Not with all the good food that will be available to me. It's also a great opportunity to spend time with family. Hubby's side of the family are really into football. My family is racing, obviously.

Off to the game I go (will be watching on my father-in-laws new 46 inch LCD TV). I'll keep you all posted on the food choices and kicking onederlands ass as the week progresses. :) Happy posting everyone.


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