Friday, February 26, 2010

Updated Pic

My mom took this picture of me at Chuck E Cheese a couple of days ago while we were there with my niece and nephew. This picture shocked me. Totally! It really has showed how much I've lost. I even look thinner in BRIHT FRIGGIN PINK! *doing the happy dance* And it's damn hard to look svelte in bright pink. Which is why that's the first time I've worn that shirt in AGES. Thought I'd bring it on vacation with me since my mom says I don't wear enough pink. :)

It's really strange how you think things are the same till you see yourself. That goes either don't notice the differences in yourself till you see the pictures.

Well just wanted to share this small victory with you all. Don't know if it's an NSV or an SV. Maybe a little bit of both. Happy posting everyone.


LDswims said...

You look amazing! And that color looks fantastic on you - you should wear more of it!

Lap Band Groupie said...

PINK, PINK, and MORE PINK!! You look awesome! ...and you look like you're having a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Rock that pink!

BTW - My father was born in St. Jo. :)

Bianca said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You've done really well so far, congrats on all of your success.

Take care.

Kinzie said...

I think you are looking hot missy! Keep it up!

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