Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Should I Name My Band?

I've seen on other blogs that people are naming their bands. Whelp, I decided that I wanted a piece of that action. So, here's the deal.....hubby and I picked out three names and a little bit about each name. Soooo.....without further adieu (sp)

Patton ~ the turning point in the battle of the bulge

C.C. DeFill ~ unskinny bop, bop, bop

U.L.A.G.G ~ Ultimate Life Altering Gastric Guide

And since I'm leaving on vacation after this weekend and will be gone for a week, I'll run the voting untill I get home next Monday. Of course I'll be checking in to see how it is going for the names and trying to stay caught up on posting and reading while I'm gone.

So, voting starts now and ends on Monday, March 1st. Happy posting.


Michelle said...

CC DEFILL is awesome... LOVE IT>..

Lap Band Groupie said...

OK, I'll admit I had to look up CC, don't tell my 14yo guitar playing DS2...and yes, I know Poison.

I'll vote for Ulagg, just because it's fun to say (and defill sounds like you're too tight LOL).

Lap Band Groupie said...

OT- if it's not too personal...just you take the Amitryptaline daily as a preventative...and are the migraines controlled with it. Like I said, mine was working great for almost a year (changed my life!) and then I started getting them again and they upped the dosage (I'm in the fetal position vomiting in the dark...they're the pits!).

Dirttrackdiva said...

a little bit of both actually. i also have a really bad back (three herniated disks) so it's partly for that. not really as a preventative. was on topamax for that. not anymore.
been there many times though, in the fetal position vomiting in the dark. that's when i just sprawl out on the bathroom floor with ice on my face and heat on my neck. seems to work, as long as i don't breathe, throw up, or open my eyes. :D

Lap Band Groupie said...

Ai yai yai! I feel your pain....

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