Friday, March 26, 2010

BYOC Questions

Here's my answers for this week hurry and read/comment or Drazil's going to beat me with her pimp stick. *runs away arms flailing*

1. If you could change your first name - what would it be?
I would change it to Olivia, just cuz I love the name. If I ever have any kids and end up with a girl, that's what I'm going to name her. However, I'm pretty happy with Erika. With a K. :)

2. Why are man hole covers round? (this one came from a follower - thanks!)
Um...I think they'd look really stupid square right? <-----That and, most of the people going in and out of them are round. It's a shape conducive to the human body. Do I sound smart yet? lol

3. What's one of your biggest pet peeves? Morons, and people that don't close their mouth when they're done talking. You know, mouth breathers. lol

4. If you could be a car - what would it be? Post a pic if you can.
A 1969 Chevelle Super Sport. Hell yeah baby! Oozes sexiness!

5. What's the biggest thing you learned from a blog this week or which blog spoke to you the most this week off the top of your head? (try to link them so others can check them out)

I actually can't pick just one persons blog. But, if I had to it would be BG.....she's made me laugh, she's made me cry. I followed her blog back when it was on LBT. So, here's my shout out to you girlfriend.

I'm not at home right now, so no cool signature, sorry guys. :(


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