Saturday, March 13, 2010

Major NSV Today!!

I have to go out and buy a faux wedding ring today! I have to wear mine on my middle finger and hubby put the kai bosh on that. lol Which I know why he did. I don't believe in people who are married not wearing their rings. I didn't spend all that money on it for him not to wear it, right? :) With that being said he turned my own words against me yesterday. So told me that we didn't spend the money on it for me to not wear it, or put it on the wrong finger. Soooooo, today I have some errands to run so I'm going to pick up a cheap faux wedding ring. I'm not going to spend money to resize it right now since I'm still about 60 pounds from goal. It should be fun to shop for. I just have to remember that I can't go overboard. I'm taking my bestie with me so she can help me pick it out.

As an aside, hubby told me that he wants me to get it so people know I'm married. That way I can't go on with my hotness all willy nilly and let anyone pick me up that I want. Hee hee. Happy posting everyone. I'll post pics of the faux ring when I get it.

PS~Is the new signature just the coolest thing! I noticed it on Tamara's blog and copied her idea. If you want one for yourself, just click on the signature and it'll take you to the website where I made it.


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I tried to get a signature but couldn't figure out where to put it in my blog...I'm computer illiterate...LOL
Can't wait to see pics of your new bling!

Jen from Oregon said...

Have fun!
That's a good idea. Mine falls of randomly but it is not time to re-size yet. I may have to do the same and get a temporary one.

Kinzie said...

Funny how the men get. I think they are just a wee bit worried that someone might acutally find us atractive! ha, it's been a long time since I had to worry about that one. Good idea getting a temporary ring.

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