Friday, March 19, 2010

A Few Updates.....

Well, I did end up getting my fill Monday, .25cc's. Which is good. Having that .5cc taken out when I was sick really threw me for a loop. Actually gained back three of the ten pounds I had lost last month. Which gives me a net loss of seven pounds for the month. Nothing to sneeze at by any means.

My mom is actually the one that brought it to my attention that I hadn't blogged since Sunday. lol At least I know she keeps up with my blog. :D Which is super cool, she usually knows about it before I blog it though.

My clinic has support groups after fills in the band clinic and sometimes we stay for it and sometimes we don't. This month we decided to stay and I'm really glad that we did. There were some really eye opening topics this month. One of them was accountability and the other was if eating is actually an addiction.

Both of these were kinda slaps in the face for me. First let me say that I think (no, I know) eating is an addiction. One of the nurses at the clinic that was conducting the support group said that she does a different support group and she applies an overeaters anonymous approach. I really agree with this approach. FINALLY, SOMEONE GETS IT! I don't know why it hasn't been thought about sooner. Other addicts have groups that meet every day if they need them (ie: AA, NA). Overeaters (pre, post or not even considering WLS) should have the same thing available to them. Is once a week or once a month really enough? Is that enough time to be with people that are like minded? Not in my opinion.

Regarding accountability, I actually try to remain very accountable when it comes to mindful eating. Do I fall off the wagon on occasion? Hell yeah, don't we all? Addicts actually fall off the wagon quite a lot.

Let me say at this point that I'm not discounting drug/alcohol addiction or talking down to or about anyone that has beat that type of addiction. However, I believe that addiction is addiction. It doesn't matter what it is. Food, sex, drugs, alcohol.......IT DOESN'T MATTER!

I actually brought up BG's philosophy about this not being a diet. EVER! Thank you, as always for your brilliance BG, we all love you and your ideas. And I did give you the credit where it was due. :D But I said that this isn't a diet for me and BG was the one that opened my eyes to that. This is our life.....this isn't a diet, this is how we live.

If you fall off the wagon, get back on! If you fall off and it runs you over, get your ass up and chase it down! Then get back on. Make falling down and getting back up one motion. YOUFALLDOWNYOUGETBACKUP! That's how it works for us. Accountability is also my word for the year.

Last night is a perfect example....weighed in yesterday morning at 198.....had mexican food for dinner (I love me some chips and salsa and good mexican food) this morning I was up to 200. I'm owning it and being accountable. At least this time I was still hanging on the the wagon with my fingernails. :D So, today, I got back on. Such is the life of a banster.

Whew! That felt better. Hope this helps any pre oppers that need help, advice, someone that understands......whatever. Happy posting everyone and have a great day.


Amanda Kiska said...

Hi Erika, Great post! Have you ever been to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting? I have attended at various times in my life and have had success and failure there. But I do agree that compulsive eating is an addiction. Unlike alcoholics and drug addicts, we cannot stop eating (for too long, anyway) so we have to deal with our addictions several times a day. Thanks for posting!

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