Friday, March 12, 2010

(Semi) Solid Food, Oh How I Missed Thee....

*sniff, sniff; wipes away a tear* OK, now that that's all taken care of.

Actually ate my first solid meal in two weeks for dinner. Really thick egg drop soup, 2 innards of a crab rangoon (gave the fried egg roll wrappers to the dog, she thought it was a great idea), 3 shrimp and a little pile of noodles about half the size of my fist.

Wowzers, that seems like a lot while typing it. I'm taking a few things into consideration however.
1. I haven't kept a meal down in TWO FREAKIN WEEKS!
2. Had a slight unfill yesterday (.5cc for those of you starting at the top and working your way down).
3. I'm satisfied. Not too full, just satisfied.

The greatest part is that it's staying down. The bummer is that I know this is more than I would have eaten even before the band got all out of whack.

This has been an intersting realization these last couple weeks. It's amazing the difference the band has made in my life. I was getting to the point that I was afraid to eat or drink anything cuz I know the consequences I would suffer. I wasn't even taking my pain meds for my back. Which is bad. It's been really difficult getting around these last few days.

Keeping food down is a good step to the right direction. So Monday I go back to the doc and they're going to look at my scans. I might try to convince them to give me a little micro fill, but I doubt they do. We'll have to see. Just have to ask, the worst they can do is tell me no.

This is a little like before being banded.....when I realized how much my life revolved around food. Just the opposite this time though, I realize how much my life doesn't revolve around food now. Thank God for my band. I will never in my life regret it. Even when I was sick this last week I didn't regret it. I would do it again. In a heartbeat.

Well, anyway guess that's all for now. Happy posting everybody.


LDswims said...

Yay, the comments are working! YAY!!

I'm glad you got to eat a real meal! It sounds like you handled it all well!


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