Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am Now the Proud Owner of........

a shiny brand new unfill. Kind of a bummer, but also a bit of a blessing. As you all know I was pretty sick while I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Resulting in the Upper GI scan that I had to have a few days ago. Upper GI turned out just fine. No slippage. Thank goodness.

However, things just kept getting worse. After a couple days of getting home I started having issues with keeping solid protein down again. Along with the SEVERE acid reflux at night. So bad that I was having to get up and throw it up. I literally don't think I've kept a solid meal down in two weeks.

I finally grew tired of this......even though I'm going to my doc on Monday I decided that I no longer wanted to be miserable. I called my doc and they said that I could go to the local bariatric clinic here in town and get an emergency adjustment. All they needed was for me to fax them a release that they could look at my records. No problem.

The doc then took out .5 cc. I feel so much better!

Here's the odd thing. It really didn't feel too tight till after I went on vacation. Band wise, life really started going downhill after that. I was so tight that I was having serious issues with everything. No matter what it was. Then the terrible acid reflux at night. Which I know is a tell tale sign of your band being too tight.

So, got the unfill and I'm on mushies for the next couple days. Silver lining.....I've lost 20 pounds this month. I really hope I don't gain them all back. I'm expected to gain 5 of them back (which will still give me a net lost of 15 pounds this month) and that's what the doc said that I'd likely gain 5 of them back.

So, all is well now. I'm eating pureed butternut squash soup (canned, I'm no where near that talented in the kitchen) with a dash of sugar for dinner. And it's so good! It's like when I was on the liquid diet and went to mushies post op.

Another silver lining......guess I'll look at this like a 2 week pouch reset.

Really cool thing.....the doc said that everything on the inside looks great. No signs of stretch or stress to my pouch at all. He actually thought I'd just been banded by looking at my xray and that my first fill had been too much for me. He said there was no sign of stretching, stress or erosion anywhere. That made me feel good. Well all, that's all for now. Happy posting everyone.


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