Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomorrow is Fill Day

Going to the doc tomorrow to find out exactly how much I've lost and maybe get a micro fill. I'm kinda doubting they're going to give me any type of fill for a couple of reasons:
1. I've had great weight loss this month, even though it's due to being sick.
2. I had to have an emergency unfill, also due to being sick.

Oh my gosh how that unfill has made a difference though! Good and bad. It's been a good thing because I'm now able to eat and keep it down which is what I needed. So it's helped me get my body back to getting in the nutrients that I need. It's been bad because I'm hungry between meals now. At my fill last month they gave me .25cc's, at the unfill they took out .5cc. I'm hoping since they took double out what was put in last time, I can get half of that back. I feel like that was my sweet spot and now I'm fighting now to eat and not to notice my hunger.

We'll see I guess. I'm certainly ask for the micro fill. The worst they can do is tell me no. Well, that's all for me today. I'll post when I get home from the doc tomorrow and let you all know what the verdict is on the microfill. Happy posting everyone and have a great day.


Kinzie said...

Heres hoping the say yes and fill you back to the point where it was working. Glad you are feeling better.

Sandy said...

Good luck with the fill. Hope they give it to you so you can get back to working with the band. Glad to hear you are feeling better and the flu is over.

Sandy said...

Me again-I love your blog template. I gotta figure out how to use these non-Blogger ones to jazz it up.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetheart,
hope you had a wonderful day mine was the same ol same ol. ha you really are looking great i am so proud of you wish we could go and buy some clothes but i know its not time yet. but we will soon

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